About - Mittco Service Provider

Client Requirement

The client wanted to maintain their relationship with other companies by providing their services in telecom, broadcast and surveillance systems corner of every area. They came up with their idea of developing a website for business services with other companies.

Technology Used




Solution We Provided

The client was close to us in our friendship and he wanted to design his website which really fulfills their business. We have used WordPress CMS to fulfill the client’s needs.

The client was using multiple services to provide their products and supports to other companies. So we Specified and categorized their entire product and set them as per the need and design. We created a product and solution section where customers can read the details of all the products and they can contact a client as what they want.

Market segments, products and solution, and services and support were three different segments which the client provides to other companies. There Another 2 different sections we created we were Awards and Partners and customers.

In the Awards section, we displayed all the Images and descriptions of different awards that the client has got in from other companies and organizations. While all the logos and symbols of the Partner Company designed in the last customer’s section. Customers can easily contact a client to fill up very little information to reach the client.

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