About - Irrigation tool design

Client Requirement

The main purpose of the website is to make a drawing application in which the client can draw the design of an irrigation system by using objects that they provide as per the room sizes. They have provided all information on a blueprint and discussed the entire thing they required and what we will use on this website to make it batter drawing application.

Technology Used



Solution We Provided

We have provided the best solution to design the structure of a system using room area choices by applying flooding tools.

The features and Functionalities

  • Combination of Laravel & JavaScript to develop this application
  • Registration and login with social media accounts.
  • Dashboard represents the statics of users, created designs, and approved designs.
  • Options to choose room sizes
  • Choices to pick up Add light, Reset design, See the preview of the design, share design, Save it,
  • Special store to see saved designs.
  • In the saved passage, a client has the right to edit, Print, and delete the design.
  • Unique section to take up the tools objects to create a design.


How it works

The irrigation design tool helps you to create your custom design according to your room size. This will also help you to identify how many tools and materials will be required based on your chosen room size. User has an option to see their saved design and create a new design. New design selection asks to choose room size you are looking for design. Application helps to user to add light in room area option and if is there any mistakes happen they have reset option to undo changes. Easy drag and drop option to choose objects to draw design. Users can just drag the tool which they want and place it where it wants. After completion of drawing user can see the preview of the design how it looks then can save it.Application have store to save designed images users and users have option to see that drawled design, edit that and delete it when they want. User can share saved design over social media.

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