About - Employee Scheduling System

Project Requirement

The client was looking for a solution where they can automate the process over the web instead of doing work in excel. Till now he was managing their employee data their shifts and schedule on excel file. It was very annoying for him to manage all this stuff with one hand. And there was no other way without manually messaging to inform their employees about their shift assignment and schedules. We have analyzed the requirement thoroughly and provided a quality result to our client.

Technology Used



Project Task/Challenge

Few features were challenging for us, not in terms of development but in terms of timeline. The client wanted to complete his project in a very short timeline as they have to launch this before hiring new staff for the expansion of the company.
Challenging part for us was to integrate the schedules on a calendar with drag and drop feature for an employee and manage their availability. And the toughest part of this development was Threema API which took time in R&D.

Project Solution

We have analyzed client requirements thoroughly, and provide the prototype of the project so that the client can have an idea about the project that how it will function on the web. We have divided the solution into 3 User roles as per client request. 1. Admin, 2. Manager, 3. Employees. Where admin can access all the modules of the system and manage the activities of the Manager and Employees.

Admin and Manager can create shifts & shift plans. After creating it, they can assign employees who are available to work on shifts. All users can access their shift schedule on the advance calendar where they can see the assigned schedules for them and see the notification if there any changes happen. This notification they get via Threema API, which provides an interface to communicate with the group just like WhatsApp.
We loved to work on this project and complete the project in the client’s timeline. To get good words from the client for work is the best achievement for us.

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