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Client Requirement

The client required a website to provide Services of a renovation of houses and apartments in the private customer segment. The concept of developing a uniform renovation concept for over a decade and is already represented nationwide with over 15 branches. They want to stand for the high-quality general building renovation on the one hand and on the other hand for the highest level of service for you as a consumer to ensure a smooth project run and offers all services from a single source, including construction management and project management.

Technology Used



Solution We Provided

The demand for renovating or remodeling houses instead of buying a new has become very popular in today’s era. The main challenge was for us to maintain the parameters of individual service. Each service has its own set of a parameter to provide price calculation. Apart from this clients were also worries about the final proposal for the services chosen by the customer. we provided very easy and simple intake process where customer feeds their details, and with few clicks, they get the proposal with a price estimation on their email.

Features or functionality that we used.

  • Two views to display category
  • Option to choose category In both view
  • Functionality to display different forms for different services.
  • Parameters are different for all services.
  • Once form filled up, Cart option to display selected services.
  • Display all offers in cart
  • Rights to elect time when they want to start.
  • Option for coverage and expansion
  • Consumer has option like to when to start work, location of work.
  • After selecting the desired category, the customer receives an offer.

Customer Panel:

Contains the list of all offers
Customer can change his data (only not the email)
The customer can view and print out his offers (whether completed or open).
The offers can be viewed, edited, and deleted by the system admin until finalization.
Afterward, the possibility no longer exists. Unless the admin does this manually.
Payment is possible in the same way as when the offer was generated.

Admin panel:

Consists of several areas, which are explained as follows:

  1. Customer management panel
    • The generated offers on the system initially end up in a pool. There the offers are differentiated according to their payment modalities.
  2. Offers with 30% down payment
  3. Offers that are paid in full
  4. Offers for which the customer is waiting for payment by bank transfer
    • After his customer signs his offer and sends it to the administrator, the administrator changes the status of the offer manually in the system.

  5. Administrator can change the content of the offers.
  6. The offers are forwarded by the admin to the appropriate partner for acceptance. Partners are only sent offers that already exist on the partner’s skill list. Personal data of the customer except for the place of execution remain secret until final confirmation. The partner will not receive further customer data until after he has accepted the offer.
  7. The partner accepts the offer and the admin confirms the acceptance manually. Here the offer status changes to “Accepted” After the work has been carried out, the partner sends the customer confirmation form to the admin (using the upload function in his area) and the admin changes the status to “Completed”.
  8. Last status: Completed
    • In each phase, the admin can switch between the different statuses. If a partner cannot carry out an offer (for whatever reason), the admin can reassign the status.

  9. A status in case the customer has canceled his offer or withdraws his order.
    • A status for the offers whose deadline has been exceeded and no partner has accepted these offers.
    • Discount definition:
    • We will prepare everything in the system for a later discount function.
      Discounts will work in 2 different ways.
    • A fixed amount is deducted from the total cost if the minimum cost is X euros
    • Percentage discount due

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