About - Airport listing website

Client requirement

The client wanted to design a website for those people who have their small private planes and those who hire jet planes to give an experience of their trip and all on the website so other persons view it and take the chance to fly and visit the airports. He wanted to design a straightforward backend for admin to change the functionality for the airports, trips, amenities, and users. The client also needs a dazzling frontend to display a listing of airports and trips.

Technology Used



Solution We Provided

We take up all the documentation and information from a client to develop websites as per their requirement. The main challenge for us was to finish the project at the deadline with need functionality. But hardworking is the result of everything and we finished on time. We used Laravel Framework to develop this website.

Features and functionalities


  • Login with email and password.
  • Allured dashboard which represents the statics about number of airports, amenities, users and trips.
  • Notification on dashboard with access to remove it.
  • Listing of airports with identifier, name, status, created date, and actions.
  • Search functionality to find helipad from listing.
  • Have the access of view the details of airfield and change it.
  • Admin can the change status of active and inactive and users can see only that airdrome which has been activated by admin.
  • Pagination for listing so admin do not have to scroll more to see list.
  • Same functionality for the trip like airport, listing view, edit trip, delete and change status.
  • Amenities and users also observed by admin and take up steps to any change.
  • Admin can add advertisement to backend which will display to viewers.




  • Login with email and password.
  • Search functionality by keywords like identifier, name of airport, city and amenities provided by airports.
  • View the listing of trip and details of it.
  • Registered user can give comment on visits.
  • Access to view airport details and check the nearby.
  • Find the location or Google map of airport.
  • Only sing on viewer can add post of their visits on airports.
  • Views on social share icons.


How it Works

All airports and trips can only view by those who have not signed up. And others can give comments, reply, add a trip to the airport who have registered. A viewer can give feedback on tours who have already visited. Users can see details of visits and aerodrome. List of the nearby airports and recent posts on the particular airport. Admin has all the rights to make changes in all segments of the website related to helipad and trip, amenities, and users.

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