Consultancy Company Website

Client Requirement

Website was totally based on consulting services of circular economy and chemical related regulations and Product Stewardship.Client wanted to display his all service with unique way. Main task to maintain was display sub-services on title click with related image. Apart form that challenging task to make the relationship of multiple field to separate groups. Deadline was also main part of the project.

Condo Announcement System

Client Requirement

The client faced a number of problems related to their condominium. He decided to make a news declaration and each inhabitant is informed promptly. Decrease the endless phone calls and e-mails on the same issue whereas giving an extraordinary benefit to your inhabitants. Everybody needs to be within the circle and be mindful of what is happening in their community.

Airport listing website

Client requirement

The client wanted to design a website for those people who have their small private planes and those who hire jet planes to give an experience of their trip and all on the website so other persons view it and take the chance to fly and visit the airports. He wanted to design a straightforward backend for admin to change the functionality for the airports, trips, amenities, and users. The client also needs a dazzling frontend to display a listing of airports and trips.

Market place website

Client requirement

This project is totally based on African business to business market. They run their shops in different city. They were come up with an idea create an portal where user can post their ad details and generate leads so that way customer can get maximum leads as possible with posting different leads. They were planning to earn from the plans for posting an Advertisement

Craftsmen services

Client Requirement

The client required a website to provide Services of a renovation of houses and apartments in the private customer segment. The concept of developing a uniform renovation concept for over a decade and is already represented nationwide with over 15 branches. They want to stand for the high-quality general building renovation on the one hand and on the other hand for the highest level of service for you as a consumer to ensure a smooth project run and offers all services from a single source, including construction management and project management.

Mittco Service Provider

Client Requirement

The client wanted to maintain their relationship with other companies by providing their services in telecom, broadcast and surveillance systems corner of every area. They came up with their idea of developing a website for business services with other companies.

Dating App


Main challenging part of this project was Radar view, To Integrate all nearby users in radar with appropriate range and details was the difficult job for developer especially when there are multiple records, to display all these in small mobile screen with accuracy we have implemented Zoom IN/OUT feature.

Wedding Planner Website

Client Requirement

“Wedding Website”- People call it “Wed-site”.

The client wanted to design a website for the planning of marriage and how a couple communicates with their guests. The futures that client needed in these websites are photos, information on rental services so the visiter can see that and contact so the planner can generate leads and reply on request.

Employee Scheduling System

Project Requirement

The client was looking for a solution where they can automate the process over the web instead of doing work in excel. Till now he was managing their employee data their shifts and schedule on excel file. It was very annoying for him to manage all this stuff with one hand. And there was no other way without manually messaging to inform their employees about their shift assignment and schedules. We have analyzed the requirement thoroughly and provided a quality result to our client.

Online Food Delivery

Client Requirement:

The client has larger customer strengths and runs physical stores in different areas to reach maximum customers.

They came up with their idea to grow their business and make them online so any customer can buy foods from their own place without going to store.