Online Shoe Store

Client Requirement:

The client wanted to sell his shoe products with a unique category and the subcategory such as by trade, by founder, professional wear and dress wear to reach customers and runs digital stores to cover different areas to reach maximum customers.

Dance Academy

– Bhangra studio is a business that provides an interface for dance students to find dance classes and for a trainer to become a dance trainer on the website.
– The concept of a website is to provide information on dance classes nearby user location. Advance search functionality provides such information on dance classes near a location.
– For the trainer, we have provided an option to become trainer on website and register their details to publish their class information. This helps them to get more students with less marketing efforts.
– In addition, the website provides information about upcoming events.
– Ecommerce features where CD / DVDs, clothing are being sold.
o Front End: Bootstrap, Html, CSS, Javascript