Design matters for a website, but when comes to more advanced design we should peep in UI and UX design. The term UX design means “User experience design” while UI refers to “User Interface Design”. Both UX and UI are essential for product work nearly together. But due to their professional relationship, both are bit diverse. It is used in the development of the product and designs it.

UX (User experience design)

In UX, a user’s experience of the application to determine how they deal with it. When it comes to our company, we discuss with the client and then decide our thoughts on making a website’s design. We follow the four most important things to make a perfect design of a website.

Our Step to make a UX design

1. The intent of the website.
2. The perception and story of the clients want.
3. Clients requirements
4. Our expertise + design capabilities.

UX covers the design of the whole process of promoting accommodate the product including a form of branding, design, purpose, and function. We use smart software to design the site better.

UI (User Interface)

User Interface is the process of making links in software and computerized device on their look and style. UI design main based on graphical user interface but also rely on voice-controlled. Tridev has a team with having a sharp skill of interface.

First, we make design documentation for the website. It outlines clear guidelines that detail how the various pieces and parts of a new site’s design will look, feel and work.

We confirm the details surroundings elements such as color style, textures, and requirements preformed photography. We also outline what won’t be included in a site’s design.

We use Photoshop and Illustrator to make the design clear. We also convert a PDF design to HTML.
Through ongoing online communications with clients, we continued to (collect, if necessary) and review important details, including marketing materials, specifics from their visioning plan, competitor websites and photography.

While we worked to complete the Design Document, we put our efforts to collect their final content (text, photography, downloads) so that upon the site’s final design approval, we could quickly move forward into the coding stage of the project.

Why we
We know the impulse value and views of projects.

What we do
We create better functionality futures for projects and clients.

How we do
We focus on convenience, deadline, and theory of art to deliver result-oriented output.

For better development of the design process, we strongly focus on UI and UX Design.




Our designing team strives to provide fruitful results to our customers. Our team articulates our customer’s vision into enormous graphics.


We have a wide range of customers in the web development portfolio who always prefer us for our provided solution and 24 X 7 supports.


Ecommerce development platforms are now top of the notch. We use readymade shopping cart CMS or flexible PHP frameworks to develop online stores with all eCommerce.


We provide enterprise software solutions to our clients. Our experts always focus to provide an effective solution which should work with ease for our client and their end customers or users.


We have highly skilled experienced mobile app developers who help our client to understand their business needs and transform into mobile app solutions.


Tridev has expertise when it comes to implementing successful campaigns from writing charming content to optimizing it for online by applying our SEO and PPC expertise.