mobile application

Are you looking to develop a mobile application for the business? You think you have it all things encounter.

“Mobile app development” is a very wide term, because it’s not limited to developers who write native code for platforms like Android and iOS. It can also include hybrid app developers working with frameworks such as Cordova or Ionic, and JavaScript and C# developers, who are using React Native and Xamarin to write mobile apps. These are distinct specializations, so it’s crucial to either specify what technology you intend to use in the app or make it clear that you are open to technology propositions.

Our company provides all platforms for the development of a mobile application. We also discuss with the client that which kind of application they needed such as native apps, hybrid app or mobile web. We create an application for all mobile devices and screen resolution also various for smartphones and tablets.

We provide Mobile application on various platforms such as

• Android
• Ionic
• React native

It has been observing that iPhone and iPad are arguably using in the whole world in the last 20 years which totally depends on IOS to serve their operating system. We have a qualified developer for the IOS platform which works as per the client’s demand and the requirement for the mobile application. We work on swift, objective c and iPhone SDK.

Creating an application on both IOs and android requires a vital knowledge of programming and design.
Android development needed keen knowledge of java understanding of XML, Android SDK, Android studio, APIs, Databases and material design. Tridev has a good developer team having all this stuff with deep Knowledge. Our services include:

• Native Android App Development
• Android App UI/UX Design
• Android App Redevelopment
• Support and Maintenance for your current Android App

Ionic is a popular mobile app framework that helps you build hybrid mobile apps quickly, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic is several technologies that are neatly bundled and managed together.

• Cordova
• Angular
• Ionic

Our company fulfills all these things and develops a mobile application on Ionic as per client requirements.

React Native
The main advantage of using react native is it can help us to build a native application without having understood objective c, JavaScript or swift. Apps can develop for the platform such as IOS windows phone virtual headsets and android. As a result, the chief trick react-native invokes is the native rendering APIs. React Native come with a smart system to monitor errors that comprise the ability to track errors, and to show a message or an attempt to recover. That system is extremely efficient for taking care of exceptions that weren’t caught previously. It will be base for the future. We have already peeped in this technology and have started work on that.




Our designing team strives to provide fruitful results to our customers. Our team articulates our customer’s vision into enormous graphics.


We have a wide range of customers in the web development portfolio who always prefer us for our provided solution and 24 X 7 supports.


Ecommerce development platforms are now top of the notch. We use readymade shopping cart CMS or flexible PHP frameworks to develop online stores with all eCommerce.


We provide enterprise software solutions to our clients. Our experts always focus to provide an effective solution which should work with ease for our client and their end customers or users.


We have highly skilled experienced mobile app developers who help our client to understand their business needs and transform into mobile app solutions.


Tridev has expertise when it comes to implementing successful campaigns from writing charming content to optimizing it for online by applying our SEO and PPC expertise.